Monday, August 31, 2009

Bombers continue losing streak

By Jonah Ahokare - Lae Correspondent

The Rabaul Gurias were too good beating the Bombers in front of a huge home crowd.
The boys from the East New Britain proved they are the hottest contestant vying for the Bemobile Cup this year thrashing the Bombers 12 points to 6.
Gurias were the first to put 4 points on the score board courtesy of a try from centre, Albert Patak on the eastern end of the grounds. Conversion by Rolly Matalau was unsuccessful.
About 12 minutes before half-time, the bombers were awarded a penalty after a high tackle call
against the Gurias. Young gun Mark Mexico added the much needed two points to seal the score 6 points to 2 in favour of the Gurias at half-time.
Twelve minutes into second half, the man from Balimo, Ricky Sibiya crashed into the try line to score under the uprights for the visitors. Half-back Matalau added the extras to set the Gurias in front.
Ten minutes before full time, 2nd year engineering student from Unitech, Sens, barged his way to the try line to score for the bombers.It was a great one-man effort from this younster. The conversion kick by lanky Max Rumanong was unsuccessful leaving the bombers trailing behind with 6 points.
The game was exciting to watch as both teams displayed great ball works and runs. The forward packs for both teams made some very good bone crunching tackles and hitups in the mud-filled turf. Gurias held on to win the match.

Muruks Rising

A resurgent Muruks team was evident in their performance against the Vipers yesterday at the Port Moresby Rugby League ground, winning 20-16.

The Muruks were full of class in the opening exchanges, scoring three unanswered tries, two of which were unconverted before Vipers replied with a converted try and a penalty goal to trail 8-14 into half-time.

Vipers cam back strongly in the second half to score twice to lead 16-15. Sam Maniat failed to add the extra four points. Muruks lone point came from an Andrew Sam drop goal.

The ensuing minutes to fulltime saw tit for tat as both sides desperately searching to score until Muruks did in the last five minutes but Sam again failed to convert. He made up for that with a field goal taking them to 20-16 defeating the Vipers.

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Mioks Still Intact

The sacked Toyota Mioks officials.
From left to right: Charles Akato (sacked trainer), Toksy Nema ( brought in back to the team as the head coach), Timothy Lepa (Sacked team manager), John Passingan (sacked coach) and Dr Issac Asa ( named as the current team manager and the team doctor as well).

The Toyota Enga Mioks are confident to meet an inform Goroka Bintangor Lahanis in round 11 of the beombile cup competition at the Johnson Siki oval in Wabag.

The Mioks players are still intact despite media reports of a possible walk following the call from the suspended team officials that includes team manger Timothy Lepa, Charlie Akato (trainer) and head coach John Passingan.

One of the PNG’s daily leading newspaper Post Courier quoted an inside source that leaked the information was not true and has been directed by sacked team manager Timothy Lepa.
“Lepa forged everything up and made his own thing claiming that we will follow them if Mioks board do not reinstate them to the team was not true. We are still intact and whatever the management issues , they have to be dealt there accordingly and not with us players. We came here to play rugby and not involving ourself with top management level issues,” Mioks team captain David Ako said.
Some players confirmed from Wabag that they had never sat or signed anything that of a petition to walk out the club.
The daily paper reported on Wednesday this week that players have threatened to pull out of the team in protest of the sacking of Mr Lepa, head coach John Passingan and trainer Charlie Akato was not true.
Mioks team captain David Ako whose name was mentioned of a possible pull out said yesterday (today) in Wabag that the petition given by the named individual was not true. Ako was also supported by five eight James Maninga and fullback Thomas Kumgi who were brought into the Enga Provincial media department to air their frustration.
“We had never signed the petition stating our possible march out in protest of their sacking. We also had never sat or met with Lepa as he was in Lae and we were in Wabag. What was petitioned to the Mioks board was not true and our signatures were forged to make the petition looked real,” the players said.
Ako said the boys came to Wabag to play rugby league and not involve in the administration matters. “We are focused on our remaining games and I must assure our major sponsor Ela Motors, and the minor sponsors that my players are intact and we will not tolerate any of such behavior,” Ako said.
Maninga and Kumgi also gave the same sentiments saying any team that wants to meet Mioks has to think twice as the Mioks players are intact and are looking forward to playing Goroka Bintangor Lahanis in Wabag.
Captain Ako said most of the players named in the petition are intact and they have been named in the team that will play against the Goroka Bintangor Lahanis this weekend. The possible squad to play Lahanis is Thomas Kumgi, Jason Tali, Asua Awani, Joseph Tei, Nick Lambu, James Maninga, Mai Tom, Timothy Clement, Mose Lam, Kerry Tapako, David Loko, Wanpis James and skipper Ako.
Ako in confirming the first 13 players said the management issue was for the board to look at and not to involve the players.
“What was stated was not true and we are still intact and looking forward to playing Lahanis this weekend,” Ako said.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lahanis soar over Muruks

By Jonah Ahokare - Lae Correspondent

The Bintangor Lahanis scored, with just under a minute remaining before fulltime to snatch victory. This game really turned the heat on with both sides equally determined to get the two points on offer.

Muruks were the first to score through former Lahanis hitman, Paulus Mondo, twenty minutes into the first half. The try was successfully converted by Andrew Sam. Lahanis replied with a try to evergreen captain, Glen Nami, who converted to take the score 6-all.

Soon after, Terry Toa crossed for Muruks but Sam failed to convert. Just before half time, Lahanis veteran, Sigfred Gande touched down but the kick was unsuccessful. The score remained 10-all when they went for break.

Muruks collected two points from a penalty, three minutes after play resumed, taking them two points ahead. This was short-lived when former Bombers veteran John Milba crossed for the Lahanis. Walter Hasu managed to add the extras.

Muruks center, Bobby Yakopa crashed at the eastern end of the tryline to earn the much needed 4 points but Sam again failed to pot the goal kick leaving the score 16-all before the men from Nokondi land sealing the match in the dying minute, courtesy of a try to their little general, Bafinu Illa which was successfully converted.

Lahanis Tries: Glen Nami (1), Sigfred Gande (1), John Milba (1),
Bafinu Illai (1)
Goals: G. Nami, W Hasu, (3/4)

Muruks Tries: Paulus Mondo (1), Terry Toa (1), Bobby Yakopa (1),
Goals: Andrew Sam (2/3)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rangers diffuse Bombers

The Masta Mak city Rangers escaped an early scare inflicted by the ACTL Bombers in front of a moderate crowd in Port Moresby yesterday afternoon.

The Bombers led 6-4 going into the break. They played better football then but did not repeat that sort of performance in the second half. Lack of possession cost them dearly. They never reached the fifth tackle in all their sets and turned over possession easily .

The Rangers capitalized on their errors to win the match 18-6.

Man of the Match was the two try hero, Ata Bina Wabo (Charlie Wabo's younger brother) and presented by Bemobile CEO, Roger Blott.

Rangers Tries: Samson Ene (1), Ata Bina (2), Charles Onguglo (1),
Goals: Benjamin Tomben (1/4)

Bombers Tries: Samson Ninge (1)
Goals: 1/2

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Round 2 - Wk10 Results

Support is finally here

Thank God that finally there seems to be support coming for this voluntary work that I had to put up with including my few correspondents over the last nine weeks.

Bemobile has finally decided to throw its support by providing Media Passes for all corespondents in venues hosting bemobilecup matches. Unfortunately, I can't get in touch with some of the correspondents that have expressed interest. If you know of someone that might be interested, please email me and advise. I'll enlist them as correspondents.

I also bought a domain name last week so the new web address for this blog is The domain new domain is to cater for other sporting areas that I'd like to blog on including the Pacific Cup and PNG Games.

I'd like to personally thank you the visitor especially for your support in terms of blog hits, comments and suggestions.Thanks alot....Much appreciated.

Players Lacking Discipline

It is very unbecoming to see two senior players in one of the bemobilecup teams leaving the Camp to go out clubing last Friday night, just a day away from their game on Sunday.

I was out at the Junction Night Club with some mates. We were at the Members area looking out to other patrons and to my surprise, there were these two players (name withheld) among the crowd. Since, my friend is a member and it happened that we both know the guys, we had to invite them to join us.

I thought they were injured so they are not going to play on Sunday. When I asked to confirm, what I learnt was pathetically lame. They said, they were frustrated with the management over some issues which they didn't discuss.

For goodness sake, is this a better way to vent your frustration? I mean these guys are the most highly paid players in the competition and sponsors expert them to deliver what they are investing on. You can't go around drinking like this and take a days rest to go out and play. This is not on.

If we are to field a team in the NRL, then we have a major task at hand to clean up our backyard. I suggest all franchises in the Bemobile cup competition to include personal development and self discipline courses for players as part of their training as well. Perhaps the PNGRFL & PNGNRL to come up with a decision to make it Mandatory for clubs to adopt such regime.

I've heard of similar cases from other clubs and even the Kumuls World Cup Team about off-field player misconduct. That is from reliable sources, particularly from players themselves. Now that I have a medium to disseminate this info, I won't hesitate to report.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lahanis Win Again In Madang

By Standford Mul - Madang Correspondent

The battle of the Bingtagor franchises went down to the wire with the Bingtagor sponsored team from Goroka downing their brother team, Bingtagor Mt Hagen Eagles 8-4.

The game started with heavy exchange of big tackles and hard running from both teams. As the game went on Bingtagor Mt Hagen Eagles upped their tempo and made inroads in the Lahanis defence however, poor ball handling and some dubious calls by the referee cost them the game scoring only one try from more than four line breaks.

The Bingtagor Goroka Lahanis came back firing in the second half but couldn’t break the Eagles defence. It was only in the dying stages of the game after gaining consecutive penalties from Bingtagor Mt Hagen Eagle’s infringements were they able to score.

It was only fitting that local boy and Lahanis blockbusting second rower Siegfried Gande scoring the winning try with minutes left on the clock.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Round 2 - Week9 Results

Gurias and Vipers Round Up

The Vipers had it all leading 22-20 with seconds remaing before fulltime but Gurias were well too determined to fight till the final hooter and that paid off, courtesy of a try to Captain and Man of the Match George Moni that sealed the match 24-22.

The game was a thriller and entertaining unlike the past two weekends where there were instances of riot and violence.

On hand to present the man of the match was our RL legend, Marcus Bai.

Gurias Tries: Romalus Mago (1). Albert Patak(1), Larzen Marabe(1), George Moni (1), O Tongap(1)
Goals: Chanell Aquila(2/5)

Vipers: Tries: Kevin Frank (2), Elizah Ryong(2), Oala Frank(1)
Goals: Collin Aruna (1/5).
Some random pics for the Vipers and Gurias game

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Belated Round2 - Week8 Updates

You may have noticed that I haven't posted updates for last weekend's games. I wasn't so keen on reporting after violence erupted from the match between the Rangers and Vipers.

I go to the games regularly, paying my own way in to provide updates to this blog but what I witnessed last weekend was totally disheartening.

It was very shameful for certain vipers players and officials to instigate the melee by attempting to confront the referee, John Ropa right after fulltime. Their actions have caused spectator uproar with cans, sticks and whatever that could be found to be hurled at the match officials and rangers players.

Those involved have been suspended now. This serves them right and I must commend the Vipers Franchise owner, Mr. Augustine Mano to come to terms with the penalties and continue to encourage the young players to play strong and hard despite all these drama.

Similar incidents have been reported in the game between the Eagles and Mioks in Wabag and Muruks vs Bombers in Lae. I hope those responsible should be dealt with accordingly.

Here are some of the pics that I took last Sunday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Change of Attitude is required

By Concerned Ave

Whilst the bemobile Cup matches are tough and indicative of the professional standard we want to establish, obviously attitudes will have to change as well, if last Sunday's violent ending to matches in Lae, Port Moresby and Wabag are any indication. We all know, the man in the middle who wields the whistle is the law and his decisions are final. Years of playing the game would condition you for that. But our guys still want to question ref's decisions, point fingers, lay hold, abuse, threaten and assault. And here we are trying to make a bid to enter NRL. I am so ashamed of the behaviour of some of the senior players in Port Moresby last Sunday. It makes me sick to see that nothing about profesional behaviour and professionalism is getting through to them. I have a good mind to recruit overseas players and the guys who are bring the game into disrepute better not saying anything about bias against local homegrown product because it would be a waste of time.

Their very behaviour is what scares the paying supporter and the sponsors and potential sponsors away.

We don't need those riff-raffs in the game; they are a disgrace to their teams, families, franchise and supporters.

Let's weed them out or change our total outlook. Otherwise, the Aussies will put up a brickwall along the Torres Strait with the bold sign NO to PNG's bid to enter a team in the NRL.

Round2 - Wk8 Results

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Website the way to go

By Richard Hansworth - Source: Post Courier

I AM a former PNG resident now living in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
I have always had a special heart for Papua New Guinea and follow closely about your rugby league which is a religion out there I've noticed.
I happen to stumble upon this website which features match updates, pictures and videos for the local Bemobile cup comepetition. I can say that this is a tremendous effort put in by an individual to promote PNG rugby league to world. Comments by his fellow Papua New Guineans and others in PNG and abroad have been overwhelming with praises for his efforts and I couldn't agree more. It's about time somebody realised that so it's great to see somebody has taken the step. I know PNG is bidding to enter the tough Australian NRL and such a step to promote your rugby league to the world through such medium is a perfect start. You are marketing your local players to talent scouts and other interested bodies abroad.
I'll play a part by spreading the word around for this website to my contacts so that they can take a peek at the blog and of course PNG rugby league. I encourage more video on the blog. I saw one that has been posted for the game between Rangers and Vipers and was so impressed. The blogger mentioned that he'll post some more vidoes soon pending arrangments with Kundu2. Hope that's get sorted sooner so I can enjoy more videos.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lahanis Outmuscle Bombers.

By Stanford Mul - Madang Correspondent

This was the match the Madang community was waiting for all year and it finally came to the tourist town. Crowd converged to watch the first Bemobile cup match for the year in Madang as early as 9am on Sunday morning. The Ron Albert rugby league oval was packed to capacity to watch the match between Bingator Goroka Lahanis and ACTL Lae Bombers.
The crowds were given their money’s worth of entertainment when the big men from both teams exchanged big hits and strong runs. This led to a dust up between the two teams in the opening 15 minutes but was quickly taken under control by local Bemobile referee Paul Poka. The Lahanis pack led by Nigel Hukula and local boy Sigfred Gande were cheered on by the vocal crowd created havoc for the ACTL Lae Bombers. This allowed the Lahanis backline to run freely and create defensive headaches for the Bombers.
The ACTL Lae Bombers were the first to score when a bomb was spilled by the Lahanis’s fullback. Unfortunately, that was the only bright point for the ACTL bombers as the Lahanis turned on another gear in the second half to score 3 unanswered tries leaving the ACTL Lae Bombers stunned and gasping for air. Bintagor Goraoka Lahanis tireless lock Glen Nami who was everywhere on the park was awarded the man of the match. The matched ended with Bintagor Goraoka Lahanis winning 17-6.

Thank you Telikom EVDO - two thumbs up

By Whiteline Madness via email


mate apologies for not posting. I've been at the games but my web at home has been struggling - thank goodness for the Telikom EVDO.

Can I just make a comment first on the recent Mioks/Vipers game on Sunday. I would think that both coaches would have the proffessionalism and respect the game enough to remove the outright thuggery that was evident in the game. The Lock (#13) for the MIOKS and the reserve player (#16) for the VIPERS do not come close to calling themselves football players. We love the game for its physicality but head butting opponents and deliberately trying to cause physical harm to players is best left to the off season and village leagues that selectors for each club found both these thugs from - in fact they don't deserve to playe there either. Both players were put on report. Lets hope they get what they deserve.
Other then the fact that VIPERS won, the game never reached any great hights I thought - Dick Nap for the Vipers though was a deservant man of the match - fantastic meters for his team each time he took the ball up - It certainly helps when the defencive line waits at the 10 and doesn't move up.
And a word of advice for the young MIOK "kumul" in waiting coming off the bench (#17). He'd better get his head fixed on playing the game well or else he'll just be another pretender beating his chest for the Kumul jumper. He certainly has some skill and size but a little more simple work ethic would serve him well. Stop looking for the big hits and big plays - if he gets his act together he'll certainly bring some great dynamics to the back row - Watch His Space !

Just on Masta Maks performance against the Lahanis and the Mioks in their last 2 Port Moresby games. Those games were lost because of bad coaching and nothing else. Bad coaching and management always shows in poor performance - There was no way Masta Mak could have beaten the Lahanis especially when you don't rotate your forwards. The Rangers pack were out on their toes nearly with no rest or rotation - The Lahanis had a go forward pack with an average hight of 5'10 and 110kg - and they were coached to near perfection that day. And add to this the fact the Garnet Auo had something to prove against Masta Mak after they led him along at the start of the season - Didn't he tear the Rangers to shreds - the question has to be asked why he hasn't seen the the wash tag of a kumul jersey.
Lets leave the Mioks game loss to superstar tantrams and a lack of committment by some of the players and I can add a lack of player depth planning by again the Coach and Management. And I can say the refereeing has been spot on so the Rangers management should leave the swipes at the referees in the paper to themselves.

The Vipers to beat Masta Mak if Sam Maniat takes the line on a little bit more with players in motion either side of him - preferably Dick Nap and Luke Kolalio - both got good foot speed and both strong. Vipers centers are spot on too. Kevin Frank and Captain doing a good job in punching the line in all their games (and please Chris Enara don't waste a spot for a decent young interchange with the thug 'one hit wonder' who was wearing #16 (Philip Kumye) last week).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Round 7 Results

Former Hagen Bintangor Eagles center and current Toyota Enga Mioks winger Jason Tali is tackled by CIVPAC/NCD Vipers in round seven of the bemobile cup played on Sunday at the Lloyd Robson Oval in Port Moresby. Vipers won convincingly beating Toyota Enga Mioks 28-16. In the other results Masta Mak City Rangers were humbled by host Agmark Rabaul Gurias at the Kalabond ‘grave yard’ in Kokopo while Structural Bridging System Mendi Muruks came back to the winner’s circle with a 20-6 defeating of Mount Hagen Bintangor Eagles in Lae.

Goroka Bintangor Lahanis gave Madang rugby league fans their money's worth when they thrashed PNG-Australian Trade Center Limited Lae Bombers 17-6 at the Ron Albert Oval in Madang.

Gurias now takes a four points clear lead after round seven of the competition with 12 points followed by Goroka Bintangor Lahanis on 8, Masta Mak City Rangers 8, SBS Mendi Muruks 7, Toyota Enga Mioks 6, CIVPAC/NCD Vipers 6, Mount Hagen Bintangor Eagles 6 and ATCL Lae Bombers 3.

Vipers & Mioks - Random Shots