Thursday, July 30, 2009

Repetative Content on Bemobile website

To all readers of this blog.

This is to advise that the Bemobile website has finally decided to provide some similar sort of information that can be found here.

For the record, when this blog went live, the Bemobile website was non-existent. I actually sent an email to their PR office through Stella Bita, asking them to do up a website so that I could link their site here. I also requested permission to use their logo and just recently, sought sponsorship for prepaid cards and match tickets as I wanted to award them as prizes for an online tipping competition that I intend to run. To date, I haven't received a word.

They managed to put up a website soon after, which is claimed by Robert's, commentary on Masalai Blog as "man, for such a big brand they have a very below average website."

Just in case you may be wondering if I'm providing redundant information here. The content found here are original. I have initiated this concept and I'm willing to continue. I have a good readership so I'll ensure to provide the kind of content that they have influenced to be made available.

A word of appreciation to those readers who have spread the news about this blog and also for their comments and suggestions. I'm so glad to see the increase in the number of hits. It has already passed three thousand and still growing so I'd like to encourage all visitors to help promote this blog.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Richard Wagambie a defined Rugby League Coach

By Emmanuel Uki - (MM Rangers Fullback)

Former PNG Kumuls Test Center and current Kumuls rookie assistant Coach, Richard Wagambie has proved his worth as a capable PNG Kumuls coach.

In 2007 he was hand picked by the former Governor of National Capital District, Wari J Vele to coach his now defunct Franchise, the Wari Vele Raiders in the then SP Cup competition.

It was my debut year and as a new kid in the premier competition, I learnt that he was a no non-sense coach. I can describe him as a defined coach because the team (Raiders) he was in charge of was the wooden spooner of the 2006 SP Cup Competition. Upon his inclusion as the head coach, he came up with 2 set goals which he wanted the team to achieve throughout season.

1. Long Term Goal – The team should make it into the Finals and not remain as wooden spooners.

2. Short Term Goal – Concentrate on winning week in week out and take every game as a grand final.

To achieve these goals, Richard was more practical in his coaching tactics. Instead of just issuing instructions like most coaches, he gets involved in how to apply the latest drills and skills of rugby league by demonstrating them himself. He would yell and swear like nobody’s business when we continue to do same mistakes in training until we get it right. I also wonder sometimes why he gets himself so drenched and dirty instead of avoiding the mud during rainy training sessions.

Any way, I was glad he saw the talent in me and chose me as the first choice fullback from among other 3 experienced custodians namely Yamo Tau (Former Vipers), Fugi Duri (Former Brian Bell Bulldogs), Romalus Mago,(Former Kumuls). “Nobody in the team was above the guidelines set by the board,” he would say. He’s an advocate of disciplined football, this was evident when he had to sideline a Senior Player Andrew “hit man” Norman for being drunk and absent for training. Even though it was round two and Andrew was a key attacker and a strong defender he was slapped with a 2 match suspension. However without Andrew, he encouraged us that we should not depend on Andrew everything we learnt should be applied fully. We managed to achieve both of our goals that year by slipping into the top 5 and lost to Lahanis due to many injuries sustained by bulk of our players during the previous game.

Last year he was asked by Enga Mioks to take up the vacant coaching position. I asked him why he had to turn down the offer and this is what he said, “Going to Wabag is not a problem to me but what matters most is my Family.” Richard has a family who is always supportive of his efforts in terms of developing Rugby League. He was contracted to play in France but escaped back to PNG because his wife was expecting their first son, Brendan. This shows how loyal he is to his family, so staying away from now a bigger group is something he wouldn’t prefer as he has an obligation as a father to all those lovely kids.

Whilst unattached to an SP cup team he turned to focus on his local Club, Paga Panthers. His efforts paid off well when both the Panther’s senior and junior division reached the grand final of Port Moresby Rugby League (PRL) where the A grade team won the premiership.

I am proud he has been called in to assist Mark Mom in the recent test match against Fiji. He has a great impact in coaching so his inclusion is no mistake.

In years to come I think he’ll be referred to as the “PNG’s Version of Wayne Bennett.
Go carrot! U yet yu best ya!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ipatas celebrates birthday with Mioks win

By Emmanuel Uki - Masta Mak City Rangers Fullback

Rugby League Die Hard Politician and financial backer for Toyota Enga Mioks Bemobile Cup team, Governor Peter Ipatas was presented with a timely intangible present of 2 competition points.

The Action Governor Celebrated his 51st Birthday in style. He described his celebration as a great coincidence. “30 years in politics is a great achievement for me" described Ipatas, “I wouldn’t want something extra special as a birthday present for my birthday rather than a mere two points from a more disciplined and organized Mioks Club this season," stressed Ipatas.

He congratulated his team for a brave effort put forward to topple the Mighty Rangers.

As a player from the opposing team (Rangers) who battled for the two points during the day I was overwhelmed by the reception. We were invited in advance before the game, as we use the facilities in Bluff Inn Motel (his family business) located outside Port Moresby (17 Mile) for the home games. According to Ipatas it was his first ever celebration in his entire life. He not in one time celebrated his birthday in the past 50 years, hence, I for one felt so special for being part of a well known and respected politicians’ Birthday celebration.

We the Rangers boys were really down but with a couple of drinks we forgot what happened during the day and got along well with the Mioks. The food was awesome, we surely had a great night cracking jokes and jumped into the dancing floor whenever a favourite number was belted by the live band.

I really admire Ipatas for his passion for the greatest game of all, rugby league. He deserves credit for always having time available from his busy schedule to follow the game closely week in week out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Round 6 Results

Toyota Enga Mioks(20) - Masta Mak City Rangers (12)
Civpac Vipers 22 - Bintangor Lahanis (14)
Agmark Gurias 14 - SBS Muruks (12)
ATCL Bombers (22) - Bintangor Eagles (6)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kumuls down Fiji again

The Telikom Papua New Guinea Kumuls proved to be the better side today by thrashing the Fiji Batis 14-2 here in Port Moresby. It is the second Test loss for the Batis after succumbing to their fist defeat in Mount Hagen on Wednesday.

Both sides were equally determined, but the Fijians were terrible with ball security that cost them the game.

The Batis put on a tremendous defensive effort by nullifying PNG's big forwards. The game was evenly contested with PNG scoring the only try in the first half through rampaging outside center, Larson Marabe with Mai Tom converting before they went for the break.

The second half saw PNG kicking a penalty goal to extend the lead to 8-0. PNG then got penalized in from of their goal line that allowed Fiji to opt for the two points and trailed 2-8. Kumuls finally posted another try in the last 10 minutes courtesy of an individual brilliance by Benjamin Tomben John with Tom adding the extras.

The Man of the Match was awarded to Larson Marabe. He certainly deserved it for being the most explosive player all through out the eighty minutes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kumuls romp Batis

The Papua New Guinea Kumuls have restored lost pride by running over the touring Fiji Batis 54-10 at Kagamuga Showground in Mount Hagen this afternoon.

The Batis side boosted with 8 players from last year's world cup squad that made it to the semi-finals against Australia did not seem to have made much difference given the scoreline. The Kumuls comfortably overcame them.

Our National Team having been relegated from 4th to 6th spot on the International Ranking by Fiji and France after the world cup now have something to smile about.

The win certainly helps to build confidence in the team to take on the Batis in the second fixture this Saturday at PRL and most importantly, the Pacific cup at the end of the year.

The Pacific cup will see PNG battling it out with Fiji, Samoa and Tonga with the top team to be included in next year's Four Nations Series, an expansion of the Tri-Nations between Australia, England and New Zealand.

Congratulations to the boys for raising our heads. We've got to do it again this weekend and hopefully at the end of the year.

Go Kumuls...Take em on.

Muruks - Puname to run for Kumuls

Mabey & Johnson Muruks, now known as Structural Bridging Systems (SBS) Muruks, dynamic fullback, Rodrick Puname will get his baptism of fire when he dons his debut Kumuls jumper today to take on the visiting Fiji Batis at the Kagamuga Show ground in Mount Hagen.

Puname's promotion to the national team is no surprise. Having played against him at Unitech SRC league in Lae, I noticed, that he's got talent, just like Emmanuel Uki, another product of the league.

Both Uki and Puname have braced for selection and have performed consistently well over the last few rounds but it's the Muruk that finally got the Selectors' call.

Good on you Rodney. All the best to you and the rest of the Kumul team.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vipers Rearing

The Civpac N.C.D vipers have finally broken the four-game losing streak with a hammering over the PNGATCL Bombers, 22-4 in Lae. The vipers who have been swamped with talents but failed to register points have finally made it.

I had a chance to be briefed by one of their new recruit, Emmanuel Kunjin, former Bintangor Eagles hard-man and kumul prospect.

Vipers had a field day, romping the bombers with 5 unanswered tries before the B52s replied with one in the dying minutes.

The win has been attributed to their forwards laying the foundation with solid hit ups and tackles with better decoy runs to give their outside backs enough room to create opportunities to post points.

Coach Chris Enara was tremendous in calling timely interchanges that kept their work horses firing on all-fours.

The Vipers camp is now full of confidence after their stellar performance in Lae and would like to repeat that when they take on the red-hot Bintangor Lahanis in Goroka.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gene in Town

PNG's prominent Rugby League export to UK Super League, Stanley Gene was a notable Official among the Lahanis coaching staff. Stanely slipped quitely into the country and was with the Lahanis Team that flew in to play against hosts, Masta Mak City Rangers. Stanley, a product of Lahanis of the 1990s was quiet and soft spoken when approached. I was privileged to meet and actually talk to this living legend of PNG Rugby League. He sustained a broken bone on his left hand and will be out for this super league season.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Caught in the Middle

Standing along the sideline, watching my team mates playing in opposing colors was something that caught me in awe today.

This afternoon as usual, I was out at PRL to cover this week's game between the Masta Mak Rangers and Bintangor Lahanis. To my surprise, there was this familiar face in jumper no.4 for the Apos. It was Garnet Auwo, my teamate from Kone Tigers.

Two weeks prior to the bemobile cup season kick off, I was playing alongside Emmanuel Uki and Garnet in Kone Tigers colors here in POMRFL. He left for Goroka after the Rangers who initially called for his service snubbed him.

I personally know a bulk of Rangers players and obviously, my support would have deviated that way but having Garnet on the Goroka side kept me in the balance so I opted to be neutral and wished for the best team to win.

The game progressed well with Uki scoring two of the rangers five tries and Garnet with one for the visitors' seven touch downs. Both were in devastating form. Manu was exceptional, with some superb hit ups and scintillating line breaks that resulted in tries. Few of his trade mark charges this time went a bit astray. He also suprised me with his kicking abilities, where he managed to put a nice grubber 20 m out from the Lahanis territory for the winger to score. He also potted a crucial goal kick about 20m out and 10m in from touch. It was his day on the field. He surely reminded the national selectors of his talents. I wonder how the selectors overlooked such a demolishing fullback PNGRL has to offer. Maybe as Skipper Mel (Eagles half-back) puts it, the Kumul jumper is predetermined for the same people...or recycled players.

Garnet, a former Kumul on the other hand was great with a ferocious fend on Rangers winger Alova Varo and muscling up against another two defenders to score one of Lahanis's decisive tries in the final ten minutes that got them home.

Both teams displayed brilliant structured football. I shall commend the Rangers especially for defending well without eight of their stars who are out for representative duties to play against the touring Fiji Batis. The new bloods brought into the team delivered but I think, fatigue in the last quarter of the game cost them. I guess it would have been a different result had the interchange bench used optimally.

If you had been following this blog, While Line Madness has commented on Lahanis to test the wingers out. Well I guess he got it nail on the hand. The Left winger, Steven Neng, was okay but his partner on the right did not defend well. The notable one was the miss tackle on Garnet Auwo, that cost the Rangers.

All in all, a tightly contested game, but Lahanis were too strong in the dying minutes to come out on top. Their little general, Bafinu Illai who has been the main orchestrator for most part of the game is my choice for Man of the Match.

Round 5 Results

Bintangor Lahanis (38) - Masta Mak City Rangers (26)

Lahanis Tries: Kevin Inagafa (1), Glen Nami (1), John Milba (2), Minaho Goso(1), Garnet Auwo (1), Bafinu Illai (1),
Goals: G Nami (5/7)

Rangers Tries: Emmanuel Uki (2), Enoch Maki (1), Alova Varo(1), Pepena Gairo(1),
Goals: Brian Apo (2/4), E Uki (1/1).

Bingangor Eagles (12) - Agmark Gurias (11)
Civpac Vipers (22) - ATCL Bombers (4)
Toyota Enga Mioks (16) - MJ Muruks (12)

Monday, July 13, 2009

I eat my words

Francis Ray and the flock that flew from the nest were right on their game in Port Moresby.
Again the Eagles should shoot themselves for lost opportunities. Biggest problem in the one straightens up attack. Eagles had so much of play in the last 20 minutes of the game. Some hard running straight runners would have put them in between the uprights no problems. Dominic Angra of the Eagles needs more ball in his hands - to good a player to be sitting out on the wing. Put him at full back and in attack come nipping around the halves. These guys are quality halves - that you can say for the Eagles, especially "7"-Good kicking game, and good committment to the end.
Having said that. Rangers can be beaten on the back of good completions and good kick chase. Don't think forwards can do that much damage if they keep turning around back to their 20m line. Goroka should test the wingers out. Other then Emmanuel I don't think the winngers did much work - they seemed to be relying on Uki too much - turn them around and make them work from the corners. Up and in, in defence rather then allowing room on the outside - They like running across the park and picking the chances on the outside both the back rowers (Kuike) and centres (Ene). Defend them pushing up quick on the outside and in and force Benjamin (9) and Onguglo (6) to make play. Give Benjamin a little more defencive work while his up at hooker, see if he can do so much running on the back of 20 tackles a half. He's a good player but don't give him to much respect.

Via email by White Line Madness

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Round 4 Match Results

The winners for round 4 are Gurias, Rangers, Muruks and Lahanis. See match results below.

Masta Mak City Rangers (16) - Bingtangor Hagen Eagles (10)
Rangers Tries: Brian Apo (1), Nixon Kolo (1), Johnson Kuike(1)
Goals: Benjamin Tomben (2/4)

Eagles Tries: Scot Tepra(1), Sent Nongorr (1)
Goals: Skipper Mel (1/2)

Mabey & Johnson Muruks (10) - Civpac N.C.D Vipers (6)

Agmark Gurias (32) - ACTL Bombers (6)

Bintangor Lahanis (36) - Toyota Enga Mioks (16)

More Media Reports
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Guria Thrash The Bombers : By Barney Orere - Post Courier
Missiles mar Rangers’ win over Eagles : By Jack Metta - The National
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Kumuls take on Fiji Batis - The National

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vipers-Eagles game.

Chris Enara of the Vipers - Was it me or did he rotate his halves and hookers 20 times in that game.
The game was sluggish enough for the players but when you're rotating your pivots around like that how can you get some command in the game.
He has got to get his bench system worked out. Poor Brendan Lulubo looked likely late in the second half but looked down the right line and he had 3 of his players running to the Vipers bench 20 meters out from the Eagles tryline - what's doing there Chris Enara and Joe Walters. Maybe a video session on how not to take players off when attacking 20 meters out from the line.

Eagles to win against Masta Mak if they straighten up their attack and minimise errors. And please Eagles, have a word to your hooker otherwise Benji John and Bina will will command the ruck for Masta Mak.
On pure 'Point to Prove' emotion I'd say Eagles to win. Let Ambassador Francis, Ham, Enoch and Steven earn their pay this weekend Eagles.
Great work with the blog....

By: White Line Madness

Round 4 Draw and Match Previews

This Weekend's Draw

  • Agmark Gurias Vs ATCL Bombers (Rabaul)

  • M & J Muruks Vs Civpac Vipers (Lae)

  • Bintangor Lahanis Vs Toyota Mioks (Goroka)

  • MMC Rangers Vs Bintangor Eagles (Port Moresby)

Where Eagles Dare

By Kevin Teme Post Courier

Round four of the Bemobile Cup match between Masta Mak City Rangers and the Mount Hagen Bintangor Eagles is set for a brutal encounter.
Simultaneously, another battle is building up at the Lae rugby league ground where the CIVPAC/NCD Vipers will battle it out
with the defending champions, Mabey and Johnson Muruks on Sunday.
Both teams have one aim in mind, to beat their opponents.
But for the Eagles, it will be something special to prove. Read on...

Vipers Under Pressure to Sting a Wing

By Brian Jemejeme Post Courier

PORT Moresby’s CIVPAC NCD Vipers need to win on Sunday against former SP Cup champions Mabey and Johnson Muruks.
Vipers, a force to be reckoned with in the past have not been able to string together wins in the new Bemobile Cup competition in the last three rounds. Read on...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marat gives to Guria

Source: Post Courier

RABAUL MP Dr Allan Marat has added a further boost to the NGIP Agmark Gurias 2009 Bemobile Cup campaign with a timely
boost of K10,000 in Kokopo on Sunday.
The Attorney General and Minister for Justice believes the Gurias’ fantastic start to the semi-professional competition
could be a year of reckoning for the Tolais. Read on...

Mioks Eat own words

By Henry Morabang The National

TOYOTA Mioks ate their own words after they were buried 22-10 at “the graveyard” by NGIP Agmark Guria in the third round of the bemobile Cup last Sunday at Kalabond Oval in Kokopo. Mioks team manager Timothy Lepa had said last week they would be burying Guria in the ashes of Mt Tavurvur and turn the graveyard into a paradise, where visiting teams were able to be victorious. But Guria proved them wrong, making them the latest victim at the Kalabond field.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Round 3 Results

Bintangor Eagles (15) - Civpac Vipers (12)

Eagles Tries: Dominic Angra (1), Tiger Amere (1), Nos Gabriel (1).
Goals: Skipper Mel (0/2), Willie Guambo (1/1)
Field Goal: Willie Guambo (1/1)

Vipers Tries: Kevin Frank (2), Jonathan Wagano (1)
Goals: Malachi Owen (0/3)

Full Story by Jack Metta The National
BINTANGOR Eagles centre Nos Gabriel could not believe his good fortune yesterday when a backline move among the Civpac NCDC Vipers went terribly wrong and the ball mysteriously landed in his hands.continue...

M & J Muruks (34) defeated Bintangor Lahanis (26)

Masta Mak Rangers (18) defeated ATCL Bombers (10)

Agmark Gurias (22) defeated Toyota Mioks (10)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mioks eye the Graveyard

By Brian Jejeme and Kevin Teme Post Courier

TOYOTA Enga Mioks have set their sights on the graveyard when they travel to Kokopo for the Bemobile Cup match against
Agmark Rabaul Guria.
Elsewhere, three-time defending champions Mabey and Johnson Muruks will face Goroka Bintangor Lahanis in Goroka, while Lae
ACTL Lae Bombers host in-form Masta Mak Rangers.
Read more....

Rangers on Hostile Turf

By Brian Jejeme Post Courier

A HIGH intensity encounter is expected at the Lae rugby league oval when ATCL Bombers host joint Bemobile Cup competition
leaders Masta Mak City Rangers at home.
Both teams will be out for a much anticipated crunch battle. The Bombers aim is to win at all costs, while the Rangers of
Port Moresby will try to keep their winning run intact.
Read more....

Big test for Lahanis against Muruks

By ZACHERY PER The National

THE young Bintangor Lahanis will face their toughest challenge so far in the bemobile Cup competition, when they host reigning champions Mabey & Johnson Muruks in Goroka this Sunday.
The Muruks, who had a superior game than the Masta Mak Rangers in Port Moresby last weekend and yet lost by two points because of unforced errors, are out to atone for their indiscretions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Round 3 Draw

Draw for round three (3) games this Sunday 5/July/2009.
  • Bintangor Lahanis Vs M & J Muruks - (Goroka)
  • Civpac Vipers Vs Bintangor Eagles - (Port Moresby)
  • Agmark Gurias Vs Toyota Mioks - (Rabaul)
  • ATCL Bombers Vs MMC Rangers - (Lae)