Thursday, June 25, 2009

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This website is maintained by volunteers to update fans and followers of the premier Rugby Leauge Competition in Papua New Guinea, the Bemobile Cup, formerly, the SP Cup.

This site is dedicated to provide news, views and updates on matches played right around the country.

If you like the blog or would like to offer suggestions for improvement, do share your thoughts by leaving a comment or send an email.

I have recieved overwhelming support from visitors who offered compliments and tips for enhancement since the blog went live. These have really helped to give much needed facelift and improvements to the site. Thanks a lot to those who contributed.

About The blogger

This is Chris Koma, but I also use the name Sylvasta or Syl for short. I created this blog to expose and promote png rugby league to the global internet community.

With the increasing number of feedbacks from visitors received so far, I am stretched to satisfy every request. Some changes might take a while to be effected.

The Blog Team
In my efforts to do a comprehensive coverage of all games played around the country, I managed to enlist few volunteers who are willing to assist by providing content such as match reports, videos and pictures for matches played in other centers. I'm so thankful for their support. Hope this spices up the blog coz at the moment, the media is mostly covering games here in POM and not much in-depth reports for other centres.
This is the blog Team.
1. Chris Koma (Blog Administrator)
2. Ms. Iola Tamtu (Goroka Correspondent)
3. Rudolf Powih (Mt. Hagen Correspondent)
4. Esau Mellie (Rabaul Correspondent)
5. Stanford Mul (Madang Correspondent)
6. Ms. Faye Lalo (POM Correspondent)
7. [Wabag Correspondent - TBA]
8. Jonah Ahokare - [Lae Correspondent]

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This blog is maintained by a group of people volunteering their time and efforts. If you like the work we are doing and wish to assist so we could further this cause, you may:
  • comment or offer suggestions for improvements on additional features you'd like to be incorporated.
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The Blog Admin Team can be contacted on these addresses.
Phone: 683 2792 / 340 4795
Website: Bemobile Cup Blog


  1. Execellent Blog keep it up. WE need to promote our own players and cultivate our own style of rugby. its time we shined. But not just shine but shine own unique PNG Way

  2. Solomon,
    that's an excellent remark. This is what what the blog aims to advocate.

  3. Great blog keep all the info coming. There are no other sites that have so much up to date info that i have been able to find. One suggestion would be to put more games on youtube, otherwise keep up the great work. God bless.

  4. I'm still in talks with Kundu 2, the local TV station that broadcasts the video. Once I get them, I'll upload them onto youtube.

  5. Hi all staff of this blog,

    this is an excellent site for and its great for your guys to create it. it is good to see that the latest updates of the BMOBIL Cup has always being available here and am getting interested in reading them as early as possible before getting a copy on the National or Post.

    Wonderful work done. Kepp it up.


  6. Chris,

    Bata Thank you so much for this blog, I really miss alot of the games results over the weekends because the daily papers are so lazy with any updates. Keep up the good work, I hope you increase the coverage into other news areas as well. Bro, this will be big, keep up the good work.

    E S Emeck
    Wellington, New Zealand.

  7. Hi there,

    I have been following this blogspot for every up dates on bemobile inter-city games played in different locations in the province and want to say that my two thumbs up for all your hardworks on reporting and editing it. Seriously, its not easy updating etc...but honestly you guys are the best. Keep doing it for the betterman of our true sports, simply the best game of league...


  8. Thanks puiza, you know, the philosophy this blog team have to maintain this site is for us as individuals to take ownership of the game and promote it wherever possible.

  9. Big bro, this blog is improving everytime. Keep up the excellent effort.

  10. Nice work on the website's man, i've been searching for more information on rugby league in PNG for years, keep up the good work.

    kuwaiti kev

  11. I just wanted to thank you for your truly outstanding contributions to PNG Rugby League with the creation and maintenance of both the Kumuls and BeMobile Websites. For us Wantoks that are far from home, both sites serve as invaluable resources that allow us follow the code and keep abreast of the latest events in much more detailed manner than what is provided to us via the traditional media outlets. It is initiatives like yours that will help promote the sport, better engage fans (albeit the more affluent ones) and truly assist the league in its efforts to develop into the organization that it well deserves to be. Tenku tru lo olgeta taim na moni yu na ol tim membas blo yu dedikaytim igo lo tupela sites, ol kam gut stret! Keep up the excellent reporting na stap wantaim yupela olgeta.

  12. Blogging really demands a lot of time but the fact that it is a passion, I don't mind about the time committed. I honestly don't make any money out of it. The satisfaction that fuels me is the number of hits and comments like this that goes to show that efforts put in are are being appreciated and followed. And also, I get the contentment that I being a PNGean have at least contributed something positive that I can be proud of.
    Tell you what, through this blog, I have been contacted by giants in the Rugby League world such as player agents, historians, league websites etc. That means there's more reason for me to continue on blogging.
    I'll add some new features to the existing sites I have as well as other blogs to promote PNG so stay in touch.

  13. bats FULL SAPOT!!! this is what we've been needing in a long time and it's great. I can see this blog becoming bigger and better already - possibly like - em bai rait stret! unfortuneately, i only just found out about it but it's saved to my favourites already. I cant wait for the Mioks & Gurias update! keep up the good work guys, your efforts are muchly appreciated. GO GURIAS!!!! MUR IAU!

  14. Bata! this is the best blog you've created and its nice for us as rugby league fan to know whats going on with the results of games played. I really appreciate you and the team of good work for making it easier for us as readers to know. The news of games are put in detailed and am so glad to read. This is a massive effort you guys are putting in...and hope to see that this blog can get bigger and better. Kange Nem Best!


  15. Bro! you've done great, we need PNGean with big hearts to move things forward and I congratulate you and your team for the blog. Through the blog, a company in Japan was interested in sponsoring a Bemobile and I believe it will eventuate in the future.
    Thank for the blog and keep it up.

  16. Thomas, thanks alot your say here. Well that's news to me that we caught the attention of a company in Japan that is interested in sponsoring a Bemobile Cup Team.

    Could you provide more details so I could do up a post regarding this?

  17. Yeah, you know this Trust Company in Japan who deals with exporting of used car. they have indicated their interest through our IT officer Mr.Lusete Mana and we have allgin them with Simbu warriors team. We brought in the Warriros chairman and he has vebally spoken to them using the Skpye. I believe the Chariman Kapka is still in negiotiation with the company.
    You can find out more from the Warriors chairman


  18. Good work Syl and team...this is a terriffic site...its sad to see that the PNGRFL doesnt even have a website of their own. Keep up the good work and we are 100% behind your efforts.

    Perth, WA

  19. Love the efforts you guys have put into the site. Keep up the good work!