Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gulf Bid to Enter Bemobile Cup

By BURI GABI The National

GULF province is to make a bid to enter a team in the country’s semi-professional rugby league competition, the bemobile Cup, next year.
Gulf Governor Havila Kavo has put out a call to all former PNG Kumuls from the province and ex-senior players of the code throughout the country who hail from the province to come and work together to realise this goal.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Round 2 Match Results

Bobby Yakopa crunched in a tackle by Masta Mak Rangers five-eight, Charles Onguglo. Charles was instrumental in the Rangers win against Muruks taking out the man of the match.

Masta Mak Rangers (20) def Mabey & Johnson Muruks (18)
(Venue: Lloyd Robson Oval - Port Moresby)

Rangers Tries: Ham Tee (1), Francis Ray(1), Benjamin Tomben (2)
Goals: B. Tomben (1/3)

Muruks Tries: Jacky Kuman (1), Jesse Joe Parker (2)
Goals: Joshua Molsi (0/1), J. Parker (0/1), Andrew Sam (3/3)

Bintagnor Lahanis (26) def Bintangor Eagles (20)
(Venue: Sir Danny Leahy Oval - Goroka)

Lahanis Tries: Kevin Inagafa (2), Minao Goso(1), Peter Joseph (1) and Bafinu Ilai (1)
Goals: Glen Nami (3/6)

Eagles Tries: Benny Pamunda (2), David Rombuk (1), James Emm (1)
Goals: Willie Guambo (2/4)

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Toyota Enga Mioks(32) def ATCL Bombers (14)
(Venue: Lae Rugby League Ground)

Agmark Gurias (26) def Civpac NCD Vipers (8)
(Venue: Kalabond Oval - Rabaul)

Gurias Tries: Rolly Matalau(1), Obert Hondele (1), Pidi Togap (1), Chris Jerry (1)
Goals: R. Matalau (5/5)

Vipers Tries: Samuel Maniat (2)
Goals: S. Maniat (0/2).

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Rangers Paid Handsomely

The Mast Mark City Rangers are the highly paid players in the current bemobile cup competion. It is purported, players are paid K400 per match plus bonuses for top perfomers. When you equate that to a fortnightly wage, it adds to K800 or more. This is more than what many avarage working Papua New Guineans are earning.

This goes to show how passionate an individual like Mr. Kelly Aiyok (Rangers Franchise owner), is in promoting rugby league by providing lucrative offers for players. In return, he expects the players to perform or be axed. In that way, he ensures, players put in their required effort and aim to excel.

Mr. Aiyok has also been tremendous in supporting Port Moresby's Suburban Rugby League (second tier competition) and the Masta Mark Trials which featured the Rangers, Vipers and Aroma Coast with Cash Sponsorhip. It's wonderful how one can dig deep into his own pocket to develop our beloved game.

Good on you Mr. Aiyok. If only, all other franchise owners and corporations are like minded, then I guess, we would develop rugby league by folds.

Friday, June 26, 2009

About Bemobile Cup

The Bemobile cup is Papua New Guinea's semi-professional Rugby League Competition that actually started in 1990. Back then, it was known as the SP Cup when SP Brewery was the major sponsor then until recently, our local mobile telecommunication Company, Bemobile took over, thus the naming rights.

There are eight (8) Team currently competing in the Bemobile Cup.
1. Australia PNG Trade Center Limited - Lae Bombers
2. Bintangor - Mount Hagen Eagles
3. Agmark - Rabaul Gurias
4. Bintangor - Goroka Lahahis
5. Toyota - Enga Mioks
6. Structural Bridging Systems - Mendi Muruks
7. Masta Mak - City Rangers
8. Civpac - N.C.D Vipers

History.... [to be updated]
Sponsors....[to be updated]
Teams.........[Players & Officials to be updated]
Franchise Owners.......[To be updated soon]


[To be updated]


- Bemobile has come on board to provide media passes for all blog correspondents. Thanks to bemobile for the timely support.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Points Table

Match Schedule & Results

Emanuel Uki joins Bemobilecup blog Team

Awesome, awesome, awesome.....Guess what, the Masta Mark City Rangers fullback Emanuel Uki has expressed interest to be part of the blog team. He was so full of praises after visiting the site. He was grateful that at least someone has finally taken the initative to set up such a blog to expose our game to the global rugby league community on the web.

Mr. Uki will now directly feed this blog with first hand information on how the Rangers fare in all their games. I hope to have players from other franchises follow suit and have their say.

I believe this will create an environment where supporters can get to express their views and concerns to players and their teams.

Be cautioned that abusive comments will not be tolerated as they have to be reviewed before publishing.

Round 1 Updates

* [Masta Mark Rangers (20)] def [Civpac NCD Vipers (10)]

* Bingtangor Eagles def Toyata Enga Mioks

* APNGTC Bombers drew with Mabey & Johnson Muruks

* Agmark Gurias def Bintangor Lahanis

A short video for the game between Rangers and Vipers

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